Crysis 2

Released March, 22nd 2011: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Crysis 2

Senior Level Designer - Crytek Frankfurt

Key Tasks

Brought late to the team, I quickly took charge of bringing up the quality of multiple levels for Crysis 2. Central Park in particular became the level I helped with the most, especially its pacing in combat and building up to the final fight. It eventually became the first hotbed for defining optimization standards as the overdraw created by all the vegetation was hurting performance on consoles in ways most other levels were not.

In order to prioritize and test all changes done to every level, I also designed and managed a brand new playtest method for Crytek focusing on playful but heavy feedback from the entire development team and telemetry data.

After setting up optimization standards with Central Park, I led a group of 10 senior talents from all departments of Crysis 2 to establish and perform all optimization tasks across the entire game, establishing the final performance for Crysis 2 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. These screenshots show some of the largest vistas in the game that required the most work.

Optimization was performed over a 3-month period, as production was still heavily under way. After establishing all the necessary tasks myself during the weekend, the following week was dedicated to performing all of them with the optimization team and the appropriate level designers for each level.

With my role then switching to interfacing with RnD and all other department leads in the team, the team generally went through 2 levels each week, with peaks at up to 4 levels. All of them were delivered on time at the end of each week, running at established standard targets.

Picking up from my last position at Ubisoft in Porto Alegre, Brazil, I also provided mentorship and training for junior level designers by giving them a full level to make on CryEngine and following up with weekly meetings to provide feedback and direction.

Period: April 2010 - April 2011

Battery Park


Level Design by Sven Fahrenwald

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City Hall

Madison Square


Level Design by Mattias Otto

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Level Design by Cristian Grozavu

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Flooded Streets

Level Design by Will Greenough

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Times Square

Central Park

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