Dark Messiah

Released February, 12th 2008: Xbox 360

Dark Messiah

Level Design Tech. Director - Ubisoft Annecy

Original PC version by Arkane Studios

Key Tasks

Originally as a level designer, my role rapidly evolved to providing technical expertise and training on the Source engine for the entire production team, and managing the conversion of the PC title to the Xbox 360, optimizing all assets and levels.

Given the game was only designed for the PC, this proved an extra challenge as even the engine didn't have an existing console version (Valve were themselves working on the Orange Box at the time). The assets were in particular need of optimizing to fit on the console memory. In the end, some levels would simply not run on the console at all, which required me to cut them into multiple parts and make sure the heavy scripting would carry over from one to the next.

My contract with Ubisoft ended 6 months before the game was released, at the time the debug and submission phase started. I moved to Montreal for a permanent position with recommendations for my work.

Period: November 2006 - September 2007

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