Day of Defeat: Source

Released March and July 2007: PC (Steam)


Stug - Rive

Founder - Lead Level Designer - CAMP Team

Key Tasks

In March of 2007, I helped form a team of like-minded modders and players and led the team to produce 8 high quality multiplayer levels for Valve's Day of Defeat Source game, featured on Steam. Stug is one of those, but I had a hand in all of them from providing technical expertise on optimization, lighting and layout to managing the release and online advertising of the packs. All of them are still among the game's most played levels to this day.

The original version of Stug was made by someone else, but as its inherent solid design won the hearts of many Day of Defeat: Source players, the team elected it to be included in our second release. Having cast aside Rive at the time, I chose to tackle the challenge on top of all the other work I was responsible for.

Stug's layout remained untouched, as it already was a very solid layout. However the aesthetics of the original level were clearly not of the same quality, and I concentrated my efforts on bringing the level up to 2007 standards and improved performance at the same time

Period: March 2007 - July 2007

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