Prince of Persia

Released December, 2nd 2008: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC

Prince of Persia

Senior Level Designer - Ubisoft Montreal

Key Tasks

Designing / Scripting 5 levels from concept to final stage. Starting in 3DS Max, the rough layout and platforming gameplay were first approved before traps (and their synching together) were added in for increased difficulty. Light seeds were only placed at the end of production.

Designing / Scripting 3 levels for the game's DLC. Due to a very short production time as the DLC was only started after the main game was finished, I came up with a production method to design the template gameplay bricks from which we constructed the DLC in under 6 weeks. Two dozen bricks were made that encompassed our entire supported moves and angles for platforming, then given to our artists so they would provide multiple versions.

Wanting to explore game design further, I also designed and implemented additional gameplay features such as the compass system that guides players in game, and two of the powers Elika uses in the game. The first one in the main game was the flying power that presented the players with new ways to look at the scenery while dodging obstacles along their way. The second power was the DLC's, that offered very intense and timed to perfection acrobatic sequences for the player.

Period: December 2007 - December 2008

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